Editor's & Reviewer's Guide

  • Submission
    Papers should be submitted via the online submission system at
    Receipt of submitted manuscripts will be acknowledged by e-mail.
  • Peer Review
    Selection of reviewers for a particular manuscript is the responsibility of board of Editors and is based on many factors, including expertise, reputation, specific recommendations of authors and Editors, and the Editor's own knowledge of a reviewer's past performance.
    As part of our editorial procedure, we confer with potential reviewers before sending them manuscripts to review. Reviewers should bear in mind that even these initial messages or conversations contain confidential information, which should be regarded as such. The reviewers should check whether an original article includes the humanistic point of view or not.
  • Decision after Review and Revision
    Editor in chief decides the outcome of the review after review is completed from 2 reviewers. When making a decision after review, Editors consider not only how good the paper is now, but also how good it might become after revision. If the Editors feel the work is of potential interest to the journal, however, they may express interest in seeing a future resubmission. The resubmitted manuscript may be sent back to the original referees or to new referees, at the Editors’ discretion. In either case, the revised manuscript should be accompanied by a cover letter that includes a point-by-point response to referees’ comments and an explanation of how the manuscript has been changed. An invited revision should be submitted via the revision link to the online submission system provided in the decision letter, not as a new manuscript.
  • Final Submission and Acceptance
    A request for final submission is sent when the paper is nearly ready to publish, possibly requiring some text changes but no revisions to the data or conclusions. These letters are accompanied by detailed comments on the paper’s format from the Editor. A high priority of CELLMED is that all papers be accessible to nonspecialists. Manuscripts are subject to substantial editing to achieve this goal. After acceptance, the Editor may make further changes so that the text and figures are readable and clear to those outside the field, and so that papers conform to our style.
    For the final revision, authors should use the revision link to the online submission system provided in the decision letter to upload a final version of the text with all the requested format changes.
    When all remaining editorial issues are resolved, the paper is formally accepted. The received date is the date on which the Editors received the original (or if previously rejected, the resubmitted) manuscript. The accepted date is when the Editor sends the acceptance letter.
    Contributors are sent proofs and are welcome to discuss proposed changes with the Editors, but CELLMED reserves the right to make the final decision about matters of style and the size of figures.
  • Online Publication
    CELLMED provides just Online Publication of articles. All articles are given a unique digital object identifier (DOI) number, which can be used to cite the paper.
Jun 30, 2024 Vol.14 No.8, pp. 1.1~4.4

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